Founder & CEO

I incorporated Lance Strategies because I have a deep-seated belief that every team deserves high-quality consultation, strategic planning, training, and facilitation services, and every individual deserves a coach who can help them achieve their dreams. Since sharing my philosophies of intentionality, diversity and inclusion, and finding innovative ways to succeed is central to who I am and what I do, Lance Strategies also serves as the vehicle for me to craft custom messages for my clients that motivate, entertain, and ultimately inspire positive change and a freedom from constraints that are preventing personal and team success. I believe in an authentic, engaging and humorous approach to this critical work, and I truly partner with you to bring your ideas to life.


Through the course of my career in local government, working with non-profits, and in the private sector, I have frequently found that many organizations do not have access to the tools that are enjoyed by others. The cost for top-notch facilitation is often a barrier that only wealthier organizations can afford to cross.


Lance Strategies was born to fill this need. By providing “Solutions Within Reach”, my skill set goes to work for your organization to equip you for success and provide the tools your team needs in a financially pragmatic way. You get top quality consultation, strategic planning, and retreat/meeting facilitation services at a price point that is affordable for your organization. I thrive off of helping my partners meet their goals and advance their missions.

Sought after as a speaker for a variety of organizations across the country, I enjoy creating keynotes and workshops to most effectively meet your needs. I would love to talk to you about speaking at your event and crafting a message that’s perfect for your audience!

I have spent the last 12 years of my career cultivating strategic approaches to attaining goals and developing content to help organizations and individuals who are committed to professional and personal development. From working with major corporations like Google to supporting small non-profits, I put my skills and experience to work to customize a high-value and unforgettable experience for my clients and audiences.


Aside from my work with Lance Strategies, I served as the Assistant City Manager for the City of Surprise, Arizona, with responsibility for supporting the departments of Economic Development, Community Development/Planning, Community Recreation Services, Government and Community Partnerships, and Human Service and Community Vitality.


Prior to Surprise, I was with the Town of Gilbert, Arizona, first serving as a Budget and Financial Planning Analyst before promoting to the Assistant to the Town Manager position. I also served as Gilbert’s Public Works Director for most of 2013. My additional previous municipal government experience includes service as the Assistant to the City Manager, Interim Director of Parks and Recreation, and support of Community Development operations for the City of Maricopa, Arizona.


One of my greatest achievements is co-founding and currently leading the Arizona Women Leading Government Chapter.


Outside of the government arena, I serve as a faculty associate at Arizona State University, teaching City and County Management for MPA and MPP students in the School of Public Affairs, and I previously did non-profit work coordinating local and international service programs and community development activities.

I hold a Master of Public Administration, concentration in Urban Management, and a Bachelor of Science, Justice Studies from Arizona State University. I served 8 years with the Southwestern Business Financing Corporation Executive Committee and am a member of Arizona State University’s Academic Advisory Council for the College of Public Service and Community Solutions.


Finally, as an Arizona native, in my spare time, I love to kayak throughout Arizona and hike with my dog, Nala. I even take my husband, Sean, along sometimes, too! I am a first-time Mom to a beautiful baby girl, Emersyn, who we welcomed in May of 2018, and I am also a proud stepmom to 19-year-old, Myka, who helped me learn to appreciate the value of deep breathing while she was learning how to drive and is now serving our country in the United States Navy.