Signature Topics

Self-Care is a Superpower!

Exhaustion and burnout are not status symbols. There is a reason airlines instruct passengers to put on their own mask first! In order to care for others, we must first care for ourselves. We have heard this, we know it in our heads, we feel it in our hearts, but we consistently fail to do so. This session focuses on broad frameworks as well as micro-strategies for self-care in a fast-paced delivery style aimed at giving attendees both the knowledge AND experience to build more self-care into their lives.

Don't Overreact, but Don't Underreact

Building Resiliency for Better Outcomes

Sometimes work – or even life in general – can feel like a solid left hook to the jaw. Resiliency is critical for managing through stressful times and recovering from setbacks, and it is a key indicator of successful individuals both at work and at home.  This workshop teaches specific strategies for building resiliency to help you stay anchored when the going gets rough.

Be Intentional

9 Strategies for Relentlessly Pursuing Personal & Professional Success

Ever woken up at the end of a day, a week, a month, or even a year and wondered what the heck happened and where the time went? Or maybe you have big goals but aren't making the progress towards them you were hoping for? Come learn 9 practical strategies to help you find personal and professional success. Own your days, don't let your days own you.

The Strategic advantage of putting people first

Are you leaving the human-ness out of the workplace? Learn why cultivating relationships at work is good for business, how to lead with humanity and put people first, why most people focus on mechanical tasks instead of human interactions, and a tip on how to gain strategic advantages by leading with authenticity.

Quit Should-ing Yourself

Are you too busy to take care of yourself? Too busy to be a mentor? Too busy to sleep? Too busy to be listening to this session right now? Then this is exactly where you should be. This session is geared to high-performers leading busy, hectic lives, but who sense there’s something “more” that they could be doing with their days. Leaning on the idea of incorporating “micro-strategies” for building capacity or improving success and satisfaction, attendees receive practical training for making changes they’d like to see and will build out action plans for making desired changes.

Leading through fear

Fear often constrains or derails us. It can also be a significant asset if we learn to leverage it and lead through it. This session explores tactics for managing fear and strategies for leveraging it to enhance your leadership and decision-making. 

The Power of Presence

Leveraging Mindfulness as Your Secret Strategy for Success

Whether you are a C-Suite executive or an entry-level employee, the “Power of Presence” is critical for developing the extra edge for your success at work. It also accelerates your personal development, too! Learn how to incorporate micro-strategies for mindfulness and enhance the power of your own presence to help you achieve your goals at work and at home.

Emotional Intelligence

The Secret Sauce for Transforming Interactions in the Workplace

Studies show that 90% of top performers across industries are high in emotional intelligence. But what exactly is it? How do you know when you have it? Can you develop it? This workshop tackles the basics of Emotional Intelligence and provides methods for improving your score.

The Fear is Greater than the Fallout

Fear. This four-letter word is impeding your progress personally and professionally. It's holding you back from courageous conversations and necessary decision-making. Quit being dragged down by fear and truly accelerate your personal and professional growth. 



Wires get crossed, conversations get sidetracked, and progress gets derailed. You leave the meeting wondering if anyone even noticed you were there. Your annual performance review is “fine” but doesn’t lead to any meaningful skill development or progress towards your goals. Your attempts to raise your voice seem to all be in vain. Sometimes what is needed most is a Courageous Conversation. This session explores practical strategies for engaging in Courageous Conversations and making sure communication is productive and your voice is heard.

Building an Army of Advocates

Tell Your Story and Cultivate Support for Success

A network is not enough to build large-scale support for organizational initiatives, encourage team engagement and activation, and accelerate personal advancement. You need to build a true "army of advocates". With tactical tips and practices you can employ immediately, you'll learn how to build support and leverage momentum to achieve goals faster and with longer-lasting results.

Choose Your Own Adventures!

Cultivating an adventure-based mindset is an effective strategy for navigating personal and professional challenges. This session focuses on equipping leaders with tactics to help them create strategic opportunities and tackle tough situations while continuing to lead from the heart and with a successful end goal in mind. Participants will also learn how creating personal and professional Adventure Lists can keep them motivated and developing the needed skills and experiences to ensure ongoing advancement.


Don't Compete

How to Encourage, Not Cannibalize Your Fellow Leaders

Weak leaders operate from a scarcity mentality. Successful leaders drive true change and success by operating from a mentality of abundance. Find out how to recognize when you’re operating in a scarcity mentality and how to transform into an abundance mentality. Learn why encouraging the success of fellow leaders will aid your own success and why collaboration instead of competition can be the differentiating factor in transforming a good team into a truly great team. Participants will take away practical tactics for encouraging their fellow leaders that can be implemented immediately.
*Note: This can also be geared specifically for women leaders, doing a deeper dive into the meaningful conversation around unhealthy competition among female leaders.



More Than Just a Catchphrase

Truly embracing servant leadership is an adventure in empathy and intentional practices where you accelerate performance and engagement of your team through caring for others and leading by example. Done right, the practice of servant leadership is one of the most effective ways to build your team and improve services. Establishing and building on a fundamental understanding of the philosophy and practices of servant leadership, this session provides tangible takeaways and active practices to help you build a culture of servant leadership in your organization.