Take hold of your trajectory

career Coaching

What is take hold of your trajectory:

Customized career coaching sessions designed specifically to meet your needs and get you to your next level

What you Get: 

  • One 30-minute speed coaching interview to identify your specific concerns

  • One 2-hour intensive coaching session, including a mock interview and feedback

  • A copy of mock interview questions and written feedback on your responses

Results you can expect:

  • Clarity around your desired career path

  • Improved interview skills and refined answers to best tell your story

  • Defined action steps for what you need to do next

  • Inspiration and confidence to take your next step

How it works:

  1. When you sign up for career coaching using the form below, you'll receive an in-depth informational form to fill out to help us maximize our time together.

  2. Once the form has been submitted, we'll meet one-on-one in a 30-minute speed coaching session to help me understand your specific needs and goals.

  3. After the speed coaching session is complete, we'll schedule a 2-hour intensive coaching session (bring your sweatbands and energy drinks!) where we'll complete a mock interview and I'll provide immediate feedback. The intensive coaching session concludes with drafting a plan of action for your next steps so you can truly take hold of your trajectory.

  4. To wrap up, I'll send you via email a written summary of my coaching advice/recommendations on your interview responses.


What it costs:


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